law enforcement project

law enforcement project

So I have all the information required for my capstone project but need help finishing this project to do a class presentation. I can provide the informtaion to do a

microsoft presentation. I have already have 5-10 pages already typed, need another 5-12 pages more to go but need help. I already completed modulest 2-6, but need help

putting everything together for a presentation, and needs to be cited and in APA format.
Week 2 – Mission Statement / Hierarchy Chart
Week 3 Personnel
 Define specific tasks required of each agency member.
 Detail specific job descriptions of sworn and non-sworn members.
 Describe officer to citizen ratio.
 Develop a salary scale for an agency.
Week 4 Budgeting
Actions for Week 4 Budgeting

 Define and model zero-based budgeting.
 Describe funding sources for an agency.
 Identify alternative funding sources.
 Compare personnel costs to operational expenses.
Week 5 First Assessment of Agency
 Present and explain a proposal for a police department.
 Describe the services provided by a police department.
 Detail the operational budget of a police department.
 Summarize the value of the agency to the community.
Week 6 Specialized Units
Actions for Week 6 Specialized Units

 Develop a needs analysis for an additional unit.
 Develop a justification and proposal supporting the needs analysis.
 Detail additional budgetary allocations.
Week 7 Defining the Specialized Units

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Actions for Week 7 Defining the Specialized Units

 Develop a mission statement for the specialized unit.
 Develop a job task analysis for the specialized unit.
 Develop job descriptions specific to the specialized unit.
 Develop an operational budget for the specialized unit.
 Summarize the selection process for members of the specialized unit.

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