Le Collectionist Brand Assessment

Topic: Le Collectionist Brand Assessment

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The assignment is about analyzing LeCollectionist.com as a brand as part of my Meaningful Branding course.

The analysis should answer the following questions:

1) What is the insight explaining Le Collectionist’s offer according to the target customer?
– once the insight is identified, analyze it according to the FIRE mode (Fresh, Inspiring, Relevant, Enduring) so basically analyze if the insight is Fresh, Inspiring, Relevant and Enduring.

2) What is Le Collectionist’s target according to you and how do you assess their style?
3) What is Le Collectionist’s brand platform according to you? (I will attach a slide showing how the professor does his brand platform so you can use the same model)
4) How do you evaluate Le Collectionist on UPC (utility, personal and collective values) and TTT (Talk “paid media” / Think “owned media”/ Trust “earned media)?
5) How would you assess Le Collectionist in terms of this checklist? (analyze each point on the check list and focus in particular on brand and web experience)
The Checklist:
– relevant in today’s world
– great value
– harnessing technology (24/7 social, connected)
– reputation
– meaningfully different
– personality (its good to stand for something)
– great branded experience (focus on this point)
6) Would you buy / recommend Le Collectionist and why?
7) If you had one compelling idea for Le Collectionist that will get you an internship, what would it be?

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