Lesson2 Unit3 Meaning and Culture

1.what is the appropriate descriptve statement about cultural function with A ritual box at The Walterz Art Museum, Baltimore.
A. a simple yet elegant artifact in ritual Japanese tea ceremonies

B.Inscribed with letters that read “Thou art mighty forever,oh Lord” this small English artifact would be used by the wearer during a private prayer or devotion.

C.Likely used in rituals to drive out demons,the surface of this eighteenth century Tibetan artifact is richly adorned with images of the ruin of evil spirits.

D.This carving of a valture sitting atiop a scowling figure was likely used by a shaman(an intermediary between the physical and spiritual world) in Columbian rituals.

2.The tea ceremony vessel Japan early 19th centruy at The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore what is the appropriate descriptive statement about cultural function

Same choices as last question.

3. Bone Carving of a Shaman-Valture Tairiona 500-1000 The Walters Art Museum,Baltimore What is the appropriate descriptive statement about caltual function

same choices as last question

4.What is the descriptive statement about cultural function applies to the image of the Amuletic Brooch English(artist) 13th century (Medieval) The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.

Same choices as last question.

5.An ancient artist crafted a frass basket for grain storage.Woven into the surface is an image of the cultural god of harvest.Which statement best describes the purpose of this basket?

A.This basket is purely a functional storage for dry goods such as grain or roots and vegtables.

B.This basket can be modified with straps to carry along on extended trips.

C.This functional container is also beautiful to look at, and reminds the user be grateful for the harvest.

D.The decorations on this basket actually distract from the basket’s main purpose, rice grain storage

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