Letter addressed to USCIS for requesting a F-1 student status reinstatement

Write a letter of explanation addressed to USCIS, stating the following:

A) Why you are out of status (specify the violation);

B) the reason for the status violation;

C) the impact it will have if reinstatement is not granted;

D) a statement that you are currently pursuing or are intending to pursue a full course of study;

E) specifically request that USCIS reinstate you to F-1 student status





1) *I Arrived in US on December 13, 2016 to start my English program at UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS(UNT) My English program was supposed to start on January 19,2017.


*Few day later advising by a family friends I start looking for a University with a cheaper English   intensive program than UNT. (then I found set Mary’s University)



2) On Friday December 16, 2017, I wrote to DSO of the English intensive program at St Mary’s university in order to know if it was still possible to me to transfer my SEVIS record without    attending any classes at UNT.



3) On December 20, 2017 I received an answer from the DSO of the intensive English program of St Mary’s University which told me that it was still possible to transfer my SEVIS record.

*then I started my application process at St Mary’s University.



4) *On January 03, 2017 I received an acceptance letter from St Mary’s UNVERSITY for the spring semester.

*My class at St Mary’s was supposed to start on January 18 2017.

* I start looking for an apartment in San Antonio and prepare myself to move there



5) On January 09, 2017 I wrote to UNT to ask for the transfer of my SEVIS record to St Mary’s University.


6)*On January 19, 2017 I revived an email from UNT that they were unable to transfer my SEVIS record to St. Mary’s University, because as I am an initial F-1 student, I required per immigration to   register for classes or transfer to a school with a start date within 30 days of my entry into the U.S.


*Moreover, they told me that I do not have a program start date at the transfer-in school that is within 30 days of my initial admission into the United States.


*In Fact I entered in U.S on 12/13/2016 and my new school program (St. Mary’s University) starts on 1/18/2017, and this is more than the 30 days allowed.


*At this time, I had already move to San Antonio, and signed a 1 year lease contract for my apartment and moved to San Antonio.


*I had also already attended orientation at my new school (St Mary’s University).


7) On January 27 I received an email from UNT that let me know that my F1 Status has been terminated for failure to enroll.




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