I will be grading these based on evidence of understanding the readings, concise, clear, grammatically correct writing, connections that you are making to other texts,
and evidence of your own critical engagement with the material.

There are two readings to read. Each reading has to be a separate reading response on a different document.

Overall, they are your thoughts/critique of the reading material. You must turn in at least one written reading response. You also have the option of turning in one
visual reading response (artwork/comic/collage, etc) and one audio response (podcast, youtube vlog). (If you don’t want to be creative, turning in 3 written reading
responses is absolutely fine!). Written reading responses should 1-1.5 pages double-spaced. Creative ones are flexible in length, which will vary based on format–just
make sure you answer each of the three elements below. If you do a podcast, 5 minutes is sufficient.

Elements to include:

1) The main argument of the reading. What is the author trying to convey to the reader? What are the most important details to consider? What is the main point that
they are trying to make?

2) Connection to other readings (at least one) from class. Questions to consider (you don’t have to answer each of the following questions but they may help guide
your writing) Why is this reading important to the class? How does it connect to other readings and discussions? What does this reading tell us about
gender/sexuality/lgbt identities/history/etc that is different than other readings?

3) Your own response/thoughts about the reading. Questions to consider: How does the reading make you feel? What do you think of the author’s style? What did you
learn from the reading? How is this connected to your own experiences or life? What is your favorite part of the reading? Why? Do you agree with the author? Why/Why

(You do not need to answer all of the questions–pick one or two! Remember these should not be long responses! However, again you must include 1) the main argument, 2)
connection to class, and 3) your own thoughts. ).

You do not need to included a bibliography with your reading response. I know which texts you are working from. However, you must include the author’s name and the
title of the text somewhere in your reading response. Furthermore, if you include a direct quote, make sure to include page numbers.


1 point: turned in before we discuss the reading in class

1 point: summary of reading, clear understanding of the main argument

1 point: connection to other reading

1 point: your own critique/thoughts

1 point: quality of writing, organization, grammar, etc.

Here are the readings:

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