Literacy Analysis Draft

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Read the short story “The Third and Final Continent” in the ENG 213 Literature Appreciation text.
  • Think about a truth the story reveals about our need for belonging.
  • Consider how the literary elements employed in the story contribute to that message.

The assignment:

Write a 4-page essay in which you analyze how literary elements convey the message in “Interpreter of Maladies.” Your essay should incorporate the following:

  • State a thesis expressing the truth or insight that the story depicts.
  • Analyze how the literary elements of character, conflict, plot, voice, and point of view are used to reveal that truth or insight.
  • Include quotes or paraphrases from the story to support your thesis.
  • Employ APA style and formatting, including a Works Cited page.
  • If you would like to use sources other than the story itself for support, use the Kendall Library or library databases linked through MyKendall. Any exceptions need to be approved by the instructor before the first draft is due.
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