Local / National Issues Part II

Local / National Issues Part II

Find a national or local program or agency that addresses the social issue you wrote about in Local / National Issues Part I. This may be from a

journal/newspaper/magazine article, or a website.


Write a two page summary of the program or agency (No need for title page BUT including the running head with the course name, your name and “Local/National

Issues: Part II”).
Include the following information in the summary:
A brief description of the program or agency
Its functions/purpose(s)
Explanation of steps they are taking to decrease or alleviate this issue
The population(s) it serves
Where it gets its funding and other resources
Including information that indicates the effectiveness of this program/agency in decreasing the negative impacts of this issue

This assignment should be in APA format grammar, spelling and quality will influence your grade. The Ottawa library provides a guide to APA writing. Visit the

following site for more information on writing an APA paper – http://ottawa.libguides.com/apa. OU student Log-in is required.

Local / National Issue Part 1 = was about President Trump building the border wall. Neither support or nonsupport. Just the issues that are involved in trying to

build the wall.

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