love surveys

complete the two love surveys- Love Attitudes Scale and Love Styles Test. The Love Attitudes Scale will determine whether you are more romantic or realistic when it comes to love. The Love Styles Test will determine your dominate love style(s). Report your results for both. What does this say about you? Do you fit in with others like you (use info from text)?
Select 10 songs OR 10 movies of interest to you (these may be your favorite songs/movies and/or popular songs/movies). Conduct a content analysis in regard to the degree to which each song/movie you selected is about the beginning of love, the heart of love, or the end of love/getting over a relationship that has ended. Also, analyze the love type- romantic vs. realistic- and love style- eros, ludus, storge, pragma, mania, and agape- apparent in each song. Does this reflect your own love type and style(s)? What does this say about our culture? What love messages are we getting? You should provide a final paragraph that summarizes your findings.
Explain everything thoroughly. You should have a college-level analysis.

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