Low-stress handling techniques in the beef cattle industry

Topic: Low-stress handling techniques in the beef cattle industry
3-4 pages.

Must write introduction paragraph using references and providing in-text citations. Do not have to use all references here, but it is important to reference

definitions with some of selected key references.

5 references required (MLA) :
Scientific, peer-reviewed journal articles (3)
Popular press (1)
Newspaper or magazine
Examples: New York Times, USA Today, World Animal Foundation, Cattle Mineral, Farm and Dairy
Technical source (1)
Document published by university extension center
Annual review or reports from government
USDA or Department of Ecology

In-text Citation Example:
Across the United States, dairy farms are increasing in size resulting in more manure being produced in concentrated areas. Facing increased regulatory pressure, dairy

farms are looking for alternative methods to meet nutrient management concerns. Many large dairies are addressing these concerns by using anaerobic digester (AD)

technology coupled with nutrient recovery systems (Yorgey et al., 2014). ADs generate electricity which is commonly used to power farms in the area and more recently

trucks as well (Yaccino, 2013).
***The in-text citations are highlighted above. Highlighting was done for illustration purposes ONLY. Do not highlight the in-text citations in your work.
One author
… (Yaccino, 2013).
According to Yaccino (2013), …
Two authors
… (Last name first author and last name second author, XXXX).
According to last name first author and last name second author (XXXX), …
More than two authors
… (Yorgey et al., 2014).
According to Yorgey et al. (2014), …

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