Luxury Brand Management – Analysis on Porsche

Topic: Luxury Brand Management – Analysis on Porsche

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Presentation Guidelines:

Each individual poster presentation needs to show a searching yet succinct analysis of an existing luxury brand. Strong brands are founded on strong identities, strong images, and strong personalities. You will be able to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of luxury brand management by applying relevant brand models and branding concepts as part of their analysis. The final part of the poster presentation will identify key recommendations for future brand development and growth – this may include brand extensions (line or category), and / or creating a new brand or taking the brand / new brand into new markets (target audience, country or culture). In developing recommendations it is important to take into consideration the brands current strengths weakness, opportunities and threats.

Posters c/should include figures, tables, images and relatively few words.
Posters should be the equivalent of four slides, which could be joined together (excluding Bibliography). Font size should be no smaller than 12 point.

• Posters must not be more than 4 slides. Excluding Bibliography.
• The use of charts, tables, graphics, and pictures is encouraged
• Research and analysis should be supported with the application of relevant conceptual frameworks and theory related to luxury brand management.
• Each presentation will last no longer than 10 minutes and students should allow up to 2 minutes for Q&A. (Questions and Answers)
• Please do provide references and acknowledge sources.

The Brief: You are expected to work individually to create a poster and be prepared to explain and justify your recommendations for the future development of your chosen luxury brand in a short presentation session.

• Your poster should:

• Demonstrate an understanding of your chosen luxury brand’s identity
• Use relevant concepts to examine your chosen brand’s current brand image
• Evaluate the brand personality of your chosen luxury brand
• Analyse strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats for your chosen luxury brand.
• Identify and recommend a growth strategy for your chosen luxury brand

Maximum of 4 slides and I need a speech to go with the slides to talk around 10 minutes.

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