Major Essay, critical analysis of theory and a field of practice

Paper details
2250 word paper, referenced.

This essay requires you to analyse one social work theory that has been discussed throughout the course and critically apply this to one field of practice. A field of practice may include for example domestic violence, working with homeless men, depression experienced by young people; child protection, working with same sex couples; and/or the field of practice from your own work experience. This essay requires situating your analysis in contemporary
social work theory debates.

Assessment Details
This essay is a critical analysis that asks you to present an argument. You are arguing if you think a particular theory is applicable to a field of practice.

Your argument can be:
? Yes (focusing predominantly on the strengths of the theory)
? No (focusing predominantly on the limitations of the theory)
? Both (providing both strength and limitations in your discussion)

This essay has two parts that will inform each other. You are asked to examine one theory and argue why you think it is an appropriate theory or not to use in the field of practice you have selected. The following outline will assist in structuring the essay.

Part One: Reviewing a Theory (approx 1000 words)
This should include:
– Describing the social work theory you have selected.
– Exploring influences on the development of the theory, that is, how has it historically been situated in social work, what is its relationship to social work values, purpose and professional identity.
– Exploring modern/post-modern influences of the theory.

Part Two: Applying the theory to field of practice (approx 1250 words).
This should include:
– A brief description of the field of practice – what do you know about it?
– Critically analyse the application of the theory to the field of practice, that is, present your argument using the knowledge of the theory.
-Your conclusion to why you think the theory is applicable or not to the particular field you have examined.

Note: to present a critical analysis write about strengths and limitations, draw on postmodern thought, think about concepts such as power, gender, culture, etc to help your critical analysis. Points of contention between different theories will help you engage in critical discussion rather than a descriptive discussion.

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