Major Project 1: Complex Office Memo

In this project, the firm is representing George Marsh.

You will demonstrate your skill in analyzing legal issues and explaining that analysis in a legal memorandum. The task and case information are laid out below.

Draft a Complex Office Memo that examines whether or not our client, George Marsh, has viable claims. Use the Legal Research Resources and the facts provided below. The notes from another paralegal’s interview with Mr. Marsh and other vital information are below. The Complex Office Memo must contain the following sections: Facts, Issue, Short Answer, Analysis, Counter-Argument, Rebuttal, and Conclusion.

In the Analysis section, provide an explanation of the law (from the Legal Research Resources below).  For the cases, you must include the common reasoning and the holdings of each case. There must be an application of the law to support your conclusion. The counter-argument must look at how the law can be used to reach the opposite conclusion from the one that you reached.

Specifically, in the office memo, your task is to address and evaluate the following: 

  • Whether or not Mr. Marsh has a valid breach of contract claim based upon the Hospital’s Employment Handbook
  • Whether or not Mr. Marsh has a valid claim for wrongful/abusive discharge

NOTE: The above are your tasks, not the legal issues for the Complex Office Memo. You will need to frame the legal issues for the memo.

Evaluation Criteria

Your explanation of the case law must be accurate and thorough. Your discussion of the application of the law to the client’s situation from both perspectives must be thorough. Citations must be correct and complete. Points will be deducted for incorrect citation format. Your memo must reflect an understanding of the techniques for providing sufficient context and logical organization. You must use correct sentence structure and follow the rules for correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Your work will be evaluated according to the rubric for the major project.

Note – Help with Citations (new as of August 2017): Our classroom includes the “LGST Quick Legal Citation Guide”. The Guide is located under: CONTENT-> Course Resources-> Writing Resources.

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