make a creative and interesting title

Paper details:
Please follow the instruction in the “Proposal Instruction” file. The modern architecture I would like to do the research on is “Hearst Castle”. Please note that the architect Julia Morgan embraced (Art and Crafts movement) and she was also graduated from (?cole des Beaux-Arts which school programs focused on classical arts and architecture from Ancient Greek and Roman culture). Hearst Castle maybe contains (Creek, Roman and Gothic style) … I am not sure, that is why you will help me. The info that is inside the parenthesis is what I learn from class and you should touch those areas in the proposal. Make sure you have the thesis statement in the proposal even though the instruction says “might” include. Bibliography should be in the MLA style and annotated (see instruction).
Please come up with an interesting and creative title. The proposal does not need to be fancy but have to be clear and easy to understand and meet the requirements that are in the instruction file, No fancy vocabularies and too profession terms and No Wikipedia. You will write a 8 pages (2000 words) complete research paper follow by this proposal so this proposal is very important to your future writing.

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