Management in Financial Institutions

Management in Financial Institutions Paper
This is the paper instructions and I also have two samples to look at so you can know how the paper need look like

The overall intent of the Paper is to understand a Bank’s financial statement, its position in the market place and how the Bank compares to its piers. The Bank’s total assets should not be more than $2B.

Length: 2-5 pages excluding Exhibits.

Items that must be covered:

Identify the type of Bank

Which regulatory agency governs them

What is the Banks focus (i.e. Commercial, deposit only …..)

Calculate and show work by attaching exhibits



Net Interest Margin

Net Noninterest Margin

Net Operating Margin

Show, at a minimum, two competing Bank’s financial statements for comparisons via exhibit

Discuss how the Bank compares, two strength and two weaknesses, in relationship to the competing Banks (i.e. Net Interest Margin is a strength due to ….)

Paper will be graded on the following criteria:

All components completed

Accuracy of content

Format was easy to follow

Analysis competent

Websites that could help in both your research and bank comparison:



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