managerial economics


You were recently hired as a manager of a company (a firm) that is facing a number of managerial issues and subsequently finding it difficult to make economic profit. The issues include the following:

    • Resource misallocation
    • Manager-worker problems
    • Threat of competitor’s takeover
    • Government regulations
    • Poor pricing and output decisions

From your experience and the knowledge gained from this course, critically analyze how each of the above can impact firms’ sustainability and identify the appropriate strategic steps you will apply to revamp this company.



The essay should be formatted as follows:

    • Times New Roman, 12 point font size and double-spaced
    • Page limit: 8-10 pages (excluding cover page and reference page)
    • Insert page numbers
    • Include cover and reference pages

This rubric will be used to assess your term paper: term project paper rubric

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