Managing complex projects unit4_bh

Project 4-managing complex projects

This next phase of the project is meant to build off the previous phase (Unit III Scholarly Activity) and chapters.

Phase II: The Rest of the Story…

Phase II Work Breakdown:

Step 1. Using the Online Library as well as your favorite search engine, conduct research on the Navy/Marine Corps Intranet project that was awarded on October 2, 2000 to Electronic Data Systems (EDS). (You are also free to perform additional research on the Navy/Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) if you wish.) at least 2 references total!

Step 2: Based on the NMCI project information you obtained, analyze and critique the NMCI project in terms of the following:

  •  Its handling of estimating costs and budget


  •  Its handling of quality with the project


  •  Its handling of communication

Provide an analysis based upon your experience/knowledge regarding communication within a business environment and more specifically, within project management.

Step 3: Explain the challenges EDS faced in each of these areas; if, how, and why they went off track; and how EDS might have managed these areas to prevent or minimize the problems.

Step 4: Create the Phase II deliverable.

Phase II Deliverable

For this assignment, you will submit a four-page report that presents an analysis, critique, and recommendations/remedies regarding the project management areas of estimating resources, costs, quality, and communication as they apply to NMCI’s performance. 2 references within 5 years.

If you were the lead manager on a project dealing with the NMCI, how would you go about creating a resource requirements plan? Do you believe the NMCI put forth enough effort in the planning stages?

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