Managing Operations

Outline of Syllabus
? Introduction to operations management
? Operations strategy and performance
? Operations design issues, including product/service design and process design
? Managing the supply chain
? Capacity management
? Inventory management
? Planning and control
? Enterprise Resource Planning
? Lean operations
? Quality management
? Operations improvement
Core text book ? Slack N., Brandon-Jones A. & Johnston R. (2011) Essentials of Operations Management, FT Prentice Hall.
Individual Coursework Assignment
Operations Management is concerned with the connection between strategy and the delivery of a product or service to a customer. The assignment will ask you to investigate a particular issue or problem in the Operations (or wider supply chain) area of your chosen organisation. You can select any aspect of Operations and Supply Chain Management on which to focus your assignment. However, the approach you adopt should be analytical.
It is expected that you will:
? Provide an introduction that sets the scene, explains why there are problem(s), and how and why you selected a particular issue.
? Undertake a relevant literature review that helps to inform your investigation.
? Adopt an appropriate methodology and undertake research (secondary and/or primary)
? Critically analyse and evaluate the findings with reference to the literature
? Use frameworks from the module to guide your analysis
? Draw conclusions and recommendations
? Use diagrams where appropriate
? The chosen organisation can be your current employer or a company with which you are familiar with or are interested in.
? The word count limit for the assignment is 4000 words (excluding figures, tables and appendices).
Assignment Prescription

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