The purpose of the research paper is to train students in conducting investigative interviews or surveys to collect data about different aspects of computer usage in
personal and professional lives of real individuals who work in real organizations. Students will be required to analyze and reflect on the interviews and summarize
what they have learned from each of those interviews individually and from all of those interviews, collectively. This summary must be between five to seven paragraphs
and no more than two pages, single-spaced, using Times New Roman font size 10. To the extent possible, the lessons learned from the interviews and related research
work should be compared against or integrated with some concepts of information systems introduced in the textbook, class lectures and relevant journals of information
systems. The file name must follow the format : FirstName+LastName_MISY3310_Semester_Research. An example: HarisPilton_MISY3310_SP17_Research. Five points will be
deducted for file names that do not meet the specifications.

Each student will collect data from at least three professionals using a survey questionnaire that the instructor will give you. You can collect data through direct
face to face interviews, through telephone, e-mail, fax or any other safe and reliable medium of your choice. You can choose to collect data from your parents, uncles,
aunts, relatives, friends, coworkers or any other professional persons who will be kind enough to cooperate with you by agreeing to be a subject of data collection.
Your subjects of data collection can be from different professions or they can all be from the same profession; they can be all from the same company or from different
organizations. For certain research projects, data can be collected from the official website of an organization or from other sources.

Each student will need to submit to the professor the Word document containing the reflective summary of the interviews. Each student will be required to present in
front of the class the findings of the research work and the lessons learned from the research process. During the presentations, students should be willing to answer
relevant questions from other students and the instructor. Students are encouraged to discuss research project ideas with the instructor, especially if the research
idea is different from what is written here.

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