Managment PPT Slides

You are an executive for General Motors Company and you are preparing a presentation for the board of directors about the organization’s direction.

Create an 8 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in bullet format, with speaker notes on each slide, in which you address the following:

  • Brief Intro to your company (2 Slides)

  • Analyze the influence that legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility have had on management planning. Provide at least one example for each.  The key is that you have to indicate how they have impacted management planning.  How has the company’s legal issues impacted how they plan? (3 slides)

  • Analyze factors that influence the company’s contingency planning. (1 slide)

  • Conclusion and references (2 slides)

    Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines and include at least one properly formatted reference.  Make sure you use the slide to highlight points and fill in the details in the notes section. 

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