Mangement Information Systems

Prior to the Year 2000 transition, Hersey’s Corporation planned a major systems project to implement a new ERP system. While the case is now old in terms of the technology used, the errors Hersey made in its information systems development process are classic and give you a good opportunity to apply your knowledge
Take the role of a consultant reporting to George Davis, the new CIO, when you are answering the questions listed above. You are writing a Memo to him while he is new to the job so you’ll have to give him context for your remarks.

Look at both the software solution they were implementing and the implementation project itself.

  • Provide a brief overview of Hershey.
  • What were the goals of Hershey’s Enterprise 21 project? In addition to making reference to the goals described in the case, do your own analysis making reference to the competitive forces and value chain models.
  • What was Hershey’s plan for the project? What risks were recognized at the time and what risks should have been identified but were not?
  • What were the problems that arise during the project? Include both internal problems directly related to the implementation and external problem. Explain the sources of the problems.
  • How could Hershey have approached the project differently?
  • In your analysis, compare Hershey to at least one other large organization that began a similar large implementation (for example, LeapFrogNew Window or Ford). Ideally, you should include this material as a running thread through the relevant portions of the assignment rather than leave it all to the end.

You will find the Decision-Making Framework (see Course Information Documents) used in an earlier activity to be a useful tool in your analysis.

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