Market Structure Classification

Market Structure Classification
For this assignment you are to write a 1 to 2-page paper that addresses market structure classification of the Apple iPhone 6 plus.

Note: The Apple iPhone 6 plus cellular phone will be researched for each course project assignment leading up to your final submission.

Guidelines for this assignment are listed below:

Discuss which market structure best aligns with the Apple iPhone 6 plus.
Align characteristics of the market structure to that of the Apple iPhone 6 plus.
Discuss how price and quantity are determined for the Apple iPhone 6 plus.
Identify other competitors in the market.
Discuss whether or not any other competitors have influence over the market.
State whether or not any competitors engage in price discrimination.
Identify if the market for cellular phone aligns with game theory to include, a Prisoner’s Dilemma.
Include the following:

Title page
1 to 2-pages of content
At least two sources
Reference page
APA formatted

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