Marketing Blogging

Marketing Blogging
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In this Assignment the topic is Integrated Marketing Communications and word limit is 600. U have to deliver it in word file. Blog post needs to relate relevant theory from the unit topic to a current marketing issue as reported in the mass media or trade press. The blog should be reflective and evaluative in nature, rather than purely descriptive or an opinion piece. The style of writing is conversational. You are also required to embed at least Five link and Five image in the content of each blog post and to include at least Five references for each blog. You are encouraged to use creative blog post titles and to make your content easily readable with the use of spacing, sub-headings, underlines, highlighting, etc.
Kindly go through the Assignment details properly as every thing is mentioned in it.

2. Identify – Conduct a systematic multi-level root cause analysis (40%)
3. Strategies – Develop and present a turnaround or exit strategy (25%)
4. Conclusion – Summarise and present key takeaways (10%)

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