Marketing- Homework Writing Assigment#2

Marketing- Homework Writing Assigment#2

Homework Instruction #2

Click the link below to access the Textbook MKTG 10

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user email: (once the project is assign to you I will message you with login access info).


Please use only the following chapters below (ONLY) and answers and complete the writing assignment below.

Chapter 6: Consumer Decision Making

Chapter 7: Business Marketing

Chapter 8: Segmenting and Target Markets

Chapter 9: Marketing Research

The Writing Assignments

2a. Explain the concept of Family Life Cycle and its use in marketing. Choose one stage and give 4 products that might be marketed to them, and a TV show and a

magazine that might be used as vehicles for the marketing effort. Be sure to justify your selections

2b. How are the stages in the Business buying decision process similar to the consumer buying process? How are they different?

2c. Discuss the concepts of a marketing information system and why it is important for Marketing Managers to be involved in planning the system.

The Writing Instruction

Use MS Word and APA/essay formatting. Please include the key terms that are used in the text that relate to your answers, as well as a minimum of 2 outside sources

(not including the text). Brevity is rewarded. Keep your homework no longer than 2 printed pages, double-spaced, not including your cover page and bibliography. All

written assignments must be the students’ original ideas and own work. Students’ work will be checked by SafeAssign software against plagiarism.

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