Marketing Plan for a Manufacturing Firm

Paper details:
You are asked to develop a Marketing Plan for one of your preferred choice of an existing beverage
manufacturing firm or a fast goods moving comp??????any (FMGC) which includes coffee, tea, juices, cereal
products etc. The Marketing Plan should cover a period of three years. This should be presented in report format.
The marketing audit part of the plan should be concise and insightful. As a guideline it should not exceed 1500
words (excluding headings, references and diagrams, but including any tables that you may choose to use) and
should conclude with a SWOT analysis, which should briefly and succinctly summarise the strategically important
issues for the selected hospitality firm. As a guideline, the remaining part of your marketing plan should not
exceed 2000 words.
You are expected to use material in the lectures extensively and also be aware of and take into account of
relevant information about contemporary events that may affect the company from newspaper articles, company
annual reports etc.
This coursework aims to assess the following learning outcomes:
1. Critically evaluate the contribution of strategic marketing to the overall strategic management of organisations
and the pursuit of sustainable competitive advantage.
2. Apply the various strategic marketing frameworks and concepts to the strategic planning process.
3. Exercise considered judgement in assigning priorities and determining objectives in specific organisational
4. Apply diagnostic and creative skills in the marketing planning, implementation and control processes in a variety
of different organisational situations including the service sector and not?for?profit organisations.
A penalty of 10% of the mark may be applied if the work is above or below the limits set.
Suggested Guidelines
1. Introduction
2. Situation Analysis (Marketing Audit (Internal: RBV; External: PESTEL, 5 Forces), SWOT) 1500 words<
3. Objectives
4. Strategy
5. Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning
6. Tactics ? The Marketing Mix
7. Timeline and Resources (3 years)
8. Control
9. Conclusion
From number 3 to 9 2000 words <
Situational Analysis:
1. The position of the company we are discussing
2. The situation of the market:
a. External (PESTEL, 5 Forces)
i. Did some event happen prior 3 years on the company?s both internal and external environment?
ii. Does it cost the company / benefit them?
iii. How does the company affected by these events and factors?
b. Internal (alternative 1) (Functional Analysis
looking at the departments inside the company):
i. Marketing
ii. Productions
iii. Finance
iv. R&D (!!!)
3. Internal (alternative 2) (RBV
Internal resources the company has : organizational, physical, Human

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