Marketing Plan template


Develop an introduction to the plan explaining why the plan has been prepared.


Provide summary information, for example:
• product (when introduced, life cycle stage, sales, number of variations)
• company (when started, specialisations, growth, sales, customers, employees)
• industry (when started, size, growth, value, segments)
• specific market (type of market, growth, size, value, segments, when started).
• Describe customers
• Describe competitors
SWOT and PEST analyses

Outline all the internal and external factors that can affect the implementation of the marketing plan. The section will deal with any doubts the reader might have over whether or not the plan can be implemented successfully by ensuring that such issues are incorporated in the plan.

Marketing objectives

Discuss marketing objectives and in relation to overall business objectives.

Marketing Mix Strategies

Discuss marketing strategies including:
• Product Strategy
• Pricing Strategy
• Distribution (place) Strategy
• Communication (promotional) Strategy

Explain the rationale for the proposed strategies.

Budget and projected profit and loss

Discuss marketing budget and anticipated returns as a result of implementing the markeing strategy.

Implementation time frame

Discuss marketing tactics, including implementing each aspect of the marketing variables to achieve the objectives.

Explain the rationale for the proposed tactics.
Marketing performance

Explain the approach to measuring performance including details of marketing metrics.

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