marketing planning and promotion

marketing planning and promotionOrder Description
You are required to assume the post of marketing manager for your organization that has to critically review the current marketing and promotion policies of your organization with respect to a particular product/service or line of products/services .you are required to prepare a marketing plan to amend, improve or extend the existing policies /practices . your plan should include a section dealing with promotion policy in particular .
The plan should be in business report format and not exceed 4500 words in length (plus or minus 10%) and should specifically include :
An industry /market /competitor analysis
An justification for the launch/ re-launch of the new /modified product /service
An outline of major marketing opportunities for the new/modified product/service
A recommended marketing strategy based upon segmentation ,targeting and positioning
The marketing strategy to detail marketing mix variables
The proposal of promotion plan and the optimum promotional mix
A marketing budget detailing categories of expenditure and a notional financial profile of the contribution of the new product/service
Demand forecasts based upon known demand for the organizations products/services allied to sales targets
A contingency plan
A conclusion
A bibliography ( Harvard system of referencing )
Use of course material and models from recommended and additional sources

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Marketing Planning and Promotion

Programme Executive MBA

Awarding Body: Plymouth University

Module Leader lan Robson

Format: Business report format required which requires succinct

expression of ideas and facts. structured progression of
stages of analysis, executive summary and conclusion.

Any special


Word Limit: 4,500 words (with 10% plus or minus leeway)

Deadline date for

submission: Monday 7 September 2015

Learning outcomes to On completion of the module students should be able to:

be examined in this 1. Demonstration of an understanding of the theoretical

assessment basis and principles of marketing planning.

2. Application of the principles of marketing planning
to the circumstances of particular organisations.

3. Analysis of the theoretical and practical factors
underlying relations with customers and methods of
improving customer communications.

4. Analyse the nature of promotion policy and the ways
in which the various constituents of the policy can be
organised to interact to maximise effectiveness.

Percentage of marks This assignment is worth 100% of the total marks for the module
awarded for module:
Explanatory comments on the assessment criteria

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