master of education

master of education

1: Option A – Written Report


Option A – Written Report TASK DESCRIPTION

Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 2, 3, 4,
Due Date: 30-4-2017
Weight: 100%

Task Description:

Students are required to submit a written report of approximately 8-10,000 words in an appropriate form. The grade for the course will be based on the quality of

the written report. (Required and weighted 100% in the assessment)

The following are suggested (only) headings for organising the report, but these can be modified to suit the investigation undertaken.
Title Page – include Author’s name, Student No., Course title, Title of Project (p1)
Abstract (p2)
Introduction (p3 -)
Description of context of study including a rationale for the study.
Outline of underlying theoretical context of study.
Description of specific problem/question to be addressed.
Discussion of how the investigation included systematic inquiry.
Reporting, analysis, and interpretation of findings.
References (70+)

This assessment task provides students with the skills and knowledge that prepares them to engage critically and reflectively in their professional practice and

potentially  communicate in internationally recognised publication forms.

Preparation of Manuscript

Use the APA 6th edition format as a general guide to formatting. )

Final report should be printed on A4 paper with margins at least 2.5cms. Text should be in 12 point font with 1.5 line spacing. The following model is a useful

guide to the major headings and sections.

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