media impacts and female body image

media impacts and female body image
Thesearch questions:
– How media influence young females adult in Bangkok, Thailand
-What are Thai’s attitude toward body image? (female)
– what are the connections between body image and eating disorder/ self esteem?
– why Thai women over concern about their body image?

However, in this order I only need LITERATURE REVIEW
I DONT NEED other INFORMATION such as INTRO, CONCLUSION, or other body paragraph JUST DO THE LIT REVIEW PARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Literature Review
Choose ONLY Scholar sources: it can be from article or book
>> pick topic that relevant to my study but it can be broader approach
such as how media affect women in general, do not have do specifically in Thailand
ex: eating disorder
the articles You choose do not need to answer my research questions but it have to be Relevant!!!!!!!!!!!

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