Medical Ethics


As indicated on the syllabus, the term paper involves a critical encounter with a key topic in Medical Ethics, which both reveals understanding of a specific topic and develops a “thesis” or argumentative form.

Citations: Articles from the text book (Bioethics), and also any other sources, must be properly cited. The citations can be “in text,” with a “List of Citations” page inserted at the end of the paper.

Format: The term paper must be submitted through Moodle. As indicated on the syllabus, the term paper must be between 8-12 pages (double-spaced).

Topics: There are a wide spectrum of topics that can be considered. The challenge is to develop a specific “slant,” and sufficiently narrow focus. One approach is to seek an “angle,” as a journalist might do in writing a story.

Possible topics might include: 1). Is It Ethical for Women to Sell their Eggs? 2). Issues Concerning Stem Cell Research 3). The Issue of Confidentiality and Disclosure in “Psychiatric” Cases 4). The Legalization of Physician-Assisted Suicide 5). The Pros and Cons of Cloning Organs for Transplanation 6) The Dangers of Genetic Engineering 7) Is Cloning Human Beings Unethical?

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