MENA Politics

MENA Politics

Assignment – Pick 2 of the following 3 questions to answer: (2-3 pages each)

(1) By now you’ve digested much about the history of interactions between MENA states and Western actors like the US outlined in Jones (2007), Little (2010), Kamrava (2011), and other readings. Using these and other assigned sources, present an argument about what the role of the US should be for MENA states experiencing political or social upheavals, or ongoing Arab Spring movements. You could consider the answer from a number of points of view: that view of the US, the view of MENA leaders, and the view of MENA citizens (or all of the above).

(2) (a) Regarding the Middle East and North Africa, what new security concerns have arisen since 2011? (b) Have the Arab Spring movements discredited non-state actors such as terror groups, or enabled them?

(3) Jones’ (2007) book Negotiating Change contains a series of chapters each focusing on specific MENA states. Select one of these chapters and review the case study of one particular country. Given that Jones’ book pre-dates the Arab Spring by several years, how do you rate his assessment of the country in question? What updates need to be made? What are the prospects for democracy in this country and is democracy the best answer?

Specific Instructions:

The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate your mastery of course materials and objectives. It is therefore important that the essay concentrates on course materials and showcases understanding and synthesis of readings, using full citations. Avoid presenting opinion or reflection (opinions and reflections can be shared in the forums for discussion). Avoid writing from personal impressions and instead represent and dissect the readings you engage for each question.

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