Mental Health Prevention

Mental Health Prevention

Reflect on how large-scale mental health prevention efforts could affect you personally. What can you do as a member of society to help prevent mental illness in your


Select an article on mental illness prevention from a peer-reviewed journal source dating from 2010 to the present. Answer ALL the following questions:

1. Does the author provide a sound rationale for prevention?
2. Is there a method offered?
3. Do you agree with the method suggested? Why or why not?
4. Are there any ethical challenges to the proposed prevention approach?
5. How does public health fit into the discussion?
6. How is the life course of mental illness affected by the proposed prevention approach?

Guidelines for writing :

1) You must use scholarly sources to support your excellent thoughts

2) You must provide in text citations, you can’t just toss a reference in at the end.

3) You must provide additional scholarly works please.

4) References and in text citations must be in APA format.

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