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Sometimes the theme of a novella can be expressed through its imagery. Discuss three images in Kafka’s novella that go beyond plain imagery to represent symbols that give insight into Gregor’s character and the theme of the novella.
I recommend that all papers will be written as closely as possible based
on the following structure. According to this
structure ,each sentence in each paragraph has its own
function which contributes to the structure of the
entire essay and helps you communicate your ideas with
clarity and ease. Most students have found this
structure extremely helpful, so even if it seems
difficult at first, please try to use it! I will be glad
to answer any questions about it as we go along. First,
let me define what each sentence means:
TS represents Topic Sentence–this is the “umbrella
statement” or general statement that starts
each paragraph and summarizes what the paragraph is
about. In the introductory paragraph, the topic sentence
is also the thesis statement. The thesis statement
summarizes what the entire essay is about (i.e. “I love
New York.”)

MP represents main Point–this sentence gives
Direction to the paragraph. It is very important. For
example, if your essay’s thesis statement is “I love New
York,” your main point could give the essay several
Different directions (i.e., “There are several things I
love about New York,” or “I love all of the entertainment
available in New York.”)

SP represents Supporting Point–depending on what
Your main point is, you will need to support it
With supporting points. These are introduced by adverbial
conjunctions such as First, Second, Third.(i.e.,
using the MP of “There are several things I love about
New York,” your SPs might be, “First, I love the
entertainment. Second, I love the restaurants. Third,
I love the different groups of people.”

Ex represents Examples–these will give the details about
your supporting points. This is where you really develop
your points with details about what entertainment,
restaurants and people you enjoy –or, in regard to the
plays, perhaps quotes or paraphrases to show what your
supporting points are referring to (i.e.,“ For example,
I particularly enjoy the theater in New York, and the
last time I visited, I saw, “Seussical the Musical” and
“The Lion King.”Your Essay will consist of an
Introduction with about 5 sentences, 3 body paragraphs
developing each of the supporting points of the
introduction, each paragraph having about 8 sentences,
and a conclusion which wraps everything up and reviews
points made in 3 or more sentences.

Following is a model of the structure I would like you
to use. You may download it and use it to make
outlines of your essays. Make sure each sentence is
complete when you re-write the outline (no fragments or
run-ons) and that each sentence in a paragraph follows
the one before it with no spaces. Notice that the main
points always begin “There are three(or several), and the
supporting points begin with “First, Second Third.”

Again, I suggest you print this form out
to help you organize your thoughts. However, e-mail
me the final version in paragraph form without these
guidelines (Do not write TS, MP etc. in your final draft of the essay, but DO use First,
Second, Third, For example, to introduce appropriate sentences).


MP There are three________________________________

SP1 First,_______________________________________

SP 2 Second,______________________________________

SP3 Third,______________________________________
3 BODY PARAGRAPHS (each one develops one SP from
above,in order of how they appear in the introductory


TS (develops SP1)____________________________________

MP There are three (or two, or several)

SP1 First,__________________________________________

EX1 For

Ex2 For example, _______________________________________
SP3 Third,______________________________________________
EX3 For Example,________________________________

TS (develops SP2 from

MP There are three (or


EX1 For example, _____________________________________


Ex2 For


For example,_________________________________________________
TS(develops SP 3 from introduction)
MP There are three (or several)

For example,_____________________________________________


For example,_________________________________________________


For example,_________________________________________

CONCLUSION (3-5 sentences) (Repeat thesis

TS As we can see, (or “in

MP (Review 3 major points made–from introduction)
_There are three___________________________________

(wrap it up with a statement that leaves the reader
thinking) (WRAP UP)_______________________________________give an
opinion or something to make the reader keep thinking
about what you have said!

example essay to follow
Essay # 1 How Books Have Affected My Life
Books have an enormous affect on my life. There are three reasons why I
enjoy reading books. First, non-fiction books are a source of knowledge and educational.
Second, reading books of fiction is a way of escaping life’s daily constrain. Third, reading
all types of books is a way of strengthening and broadening your reading skills. These
genres are very important with each having their own special attributes.

Non-fiction books can be a source of knowledge and educational. There are three
reasons why I believe this statement. First, these books offer motivation and inspiration.
For example, during the times when everything seems wrong and turn out badly, there
are a number of books available to encourage, and lift our spirits. Some of them contain
daily religious scriptures to start your day off to a good start. Second, biographies are
other types of books. For example, I enjoy reading about interesting people. After
reading some biographies I become more interested in the person. Third, books that
offers investment advice with helpful topics. For example these books tend to give on
overall picture in financial aspect. If you are interesting in reading, consider these books
they can be of tremendous insight.

Reading books of fiction are a way of escaping life’s daily constrain. There are
three reasons why I believe this. First, romantic novels are one of my favorites. For
example, these books contained romance and suspense at the same time. Second,
mysteries are another favorite of mine. For example, these books are intriguing because
they captivate you. They also help you to relax and forget about the negative things in
your life for a moment. I usually take these books with me when I am going on vacation.
Third, horror is another favorite of mine. For example, Stephen King books, Desperation
and Carrie, are the types that display how creativity has inspired people and how
imaginative we are as people.

Reading any types of book can strengthen your reading skills. There are three
key points I will point out. First, reading develops grammar and comprehension. For
example, children start reading early, they are able to read and grasp beyond their
ability. Second, reading is enlightening. For example, reading magazines and newspapers
about people and what going on throughout the world broaden your knowledge. Third,
reading articles with difficult words help develop your vocabulary. For example, material
that contains unknown words, enable you to investigate them with a dictionary and will
strengthen your vocabulary skills.

As you can see, books have an enormous affect on my life. First, they are a source of
knowledge. Second, they help you escape life’s daily constrain. Third, they strengthen
your reading skills. I wish I had more time to read. As soon as I completed all my
classes, I plan to read some really good books.

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