Economy Presentation

I need to develop a presentation on an microeconomic topic in power point format. The size of the file cannot be more than 6MB. Below is the evaluation criteria for

the presentation: (I have examples of former students presentations in case is needed)

3) The evaluation criteria includes:
a. context and target audience is identified on the first slide (or page) of the final project,
b. the final slide (or page) prior to the bibliography will have your conclusions including the social responsibility (ethical, social and environmental) aspects of

your final project topic.
4) Other evaluation criteria is:
a. factual accuracy,
b. conciseness,
c. relevant and explanatory graphics on over half of the slides or pages,
d. creativity,
e. design,
f. technical level,
g. usefulness,
h. interest level,
i. clarity,
j. within the indicated length of slides or pages,
k. under 6MB file size,
l. each slide or page containing info and/or images you have taken from an outside source cites the URL where the info and/or images was obtained,
m. last slide or page is an APA format bibliography and includes at least one peer reviewed journal article obtained at the college online library,
n. timeliness, and
o. no grammatical, syntax or other writing errors.
(see rubric).
p. the demonstration of Critical Thinking, Social Responsibility, and Quantitative Literacy (see Final Project Rubric, and Course Learning Outcomes).
5) Concluding Notes:
a. Many of your slides should include graphics so that we may take advantage of the digital environment to literally see with our eyes the point you are making.
b. Your PPT is 11-15 slides,. In other words, there is no premium on length. Because, in the business world, time is money. The business world values conciseness so

the shorter you can make your PPT (while covering the key points you want to make) the better!
For your ease in accomplishing the bibliography you may use a free online citation machine e.g

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