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a) Using the database attached, convert each subject’s age and height into a z-score.

Using the z-score of ?1.645 for the 5 percent cutoff and the z-score of ?1.96 for the 2.5 percent in the tail, identify the subject identification (ID) number for subjects who are closest to the cutoff for the upper 2.5 percent and 5 percent of the scores and the lower 2.5 percent and 5 percent of the scores.

Save the Minitab worksheet.

Name your Minitab worksheet SSanchez-WK3.

b) Identify the subject ID numbers for appropriate cutoffs in a 1-page Microsoft Word document.
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Please watching the movie ” Chan is missing” and answer these question.Each question response is at least a paragraph long (3-4 sentences) that productively replies to a question or comment with sufficient detail.
Peter Feng states, “To Be Chinese American is to be constantly in the process of becoming, to negotiate the relationships between cultures.” Pick a scene from the film Chan is Missing and discuss the importance of that scene within the film’s larger meaning (whatever you think that is). You might want to think about what Peter Feng argues, that the film is about ?becoming? rather than ?being.? How does the film forward that idea? What does it mean to ?become? instead of ?to be?? How can Chinese American identity be interpreted as a process?
2.In what ways is an independent film like Chan Is Missing different than the Hollywood films watched in Unit 1? Consider plot structure, characterization, cinemetography, music, themes, genre etc.
3.Peter Feng states, “Each person [in the film] sees Chan as the thing that she or he is not, or does not want to be.”

Analyze at least one character’s interpretation of Chan Hung. Describe the character and the characters relationship with Chan Hung. How does their characterization represent their own issues or fears? Is Chan Hung “the puddle,” reflecting stereotypical characteristics back at others?

To what extent do YOU identify (or not identify) with Chan Hung? To what extent do you identify (or not identify) with any of the characters in the film?

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