Modernity v. Spirituality: The Scopes Trial

Modernity v. Spirituality: The Scopes Trial

I want you to examine two accounts of the 1925 Scopes Trial. This trial of Tennessee biology teacher John Scopes for teaching evolution in the classroom brought

national attention to the growing tension between modernity and religion in this country. First, read the two accounts by reporters Marcel Haldeman-Julius and H.L.

Mencken linked below. Then respond to the following questions.

1. How do these two accounts, widely published nationally, frame the debate around the Scopes Trial?

2. What degree of bias, if any, do you discern in these accounts and what does that say about their intended audiences?

3. Given that many elements of this debate still remain active, can religion and science peacefully co-exist?

Your response to these questions should be around 1-2 pages, double spaced.

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