motivation (context and motive)

Topic: motivation (context and motive)

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I am writing a research for a Dutch based company that is called (xelvin oil &gas) they want to export it to Qatar. This part of the research is called the (research plan where we have to plan our research would be based on what model and methods. We also do the literature review and the methodology in this part.

My part is about the motivation. Those areas must be covered.

– The motivation, international context, relevant stakeholders and relevance of the research for the organization is described.
– The motivation is related to the context of the organization in which the problem occurs, including the relevant international business trends.
– The relationship of the problem with the different stakeholders of the organization is specified.
– The area of knowledge within which the research is done is described.

I have done it the (motivation part) but my tutor gave me feedback asking me to make it more professional and avoid the use of (we).

Here is my work and I want you to paraphrase it in a professional language.

Motivation of a company is one of the parts that should be focused on in a research paper in order to have an overall and a clear vision of what an internal and external goal of a company in both short term and long term periods. Xelvin oil & gas is a Dutch based company that aims of opening a new entity in the Middle East in Qatar. Stakeholders of the company are Laurens Snoek who is one of the six owners of the company and he is also the operational management of the company and Stefan Moesker is the managing consultant of the company. In addition, there will be a partner but yet to be determined. The main goal of the company is to expand and to compete internationally in the gas and oil field and market. Moreover, the three most things that the owner need to get more information about is the culture and legislation of the chosen country. Therefore, we are focusing more on what the company asked for. Performing this research will give us the opportunity to get more information on parts where the company lacks of such as the network, contacts, culture and marketplace in the chosen country. Furthermore, the research plan will mostly cover parts that we will need to plan, the way our research will be such as the main goal of the research that should be achieved and the main problem definition of the research in which we are trying to solve.

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