MyProject and OurProject

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l. the prescribed reading – Kloppenborg (2015);
2. readings under MyReadings on the learning site;
3. PMI documents including the PMBok and the
PMI Code of Ethics.
Assignment rationale
The purpose of the assignment is to meet the following objectives
of this unit:
demonstrate a critical understanding of the
principles of project management
identify, interpret and apply the principles of
project management to effectively manage a
critically analyse, interpret and apply the
project management knowledge areas to the
various phases of a project as appropriate
identify, assess and evaluate all the phases
associated with a project life cycle and
demonstrate an understanding of the activities
and interrelationships critical to the
successful completion of a project.
Penalty for late assignments
There is a penalty reduction of 10% of available
marks for every day Assignment 1 or any
component of Assignment 2 is uploaded to the
MySCU site after the required due date. As such,
no marks will be awarded where the upload is
after 10 days from the due date however to be
eligible for a passing grade, the assignment is still
required to be uploaded to the MySCU site.
The Project
The key criteria to consider in choosing the project is not ‘what
the project is’ but rather, is there sufficient scope to allow the
project team to demonstrate the application of the wide range of
tools and techniques introduced throughout each topic area.
Project concepts with too narrow a Scope are difficult to expand
upon in demonstrating a full range of tools and techniques.
However, projects that are initially perceived as being too large or
broad in Scope can typically be broken down to produce more
than adequate scope for the purposes of this assignment.
It is imperative that students complete the Activity at the end of
Topic 1.
MyProject and OurProject
For Assignment 1, students will individually complete a Charter
for MyProject.
In Week 3 your local tutor will assign two (2) students to a group
for the second Assignment. Each group then repeats the
Activities at the end of Topic 3 for the two MyProjects and will

In Week 3 your local tutor will assign students to a group. A wiki
will be set up within MySCU and access to each group wiki will
be limited to the designated two students, the local tutor and the
Unit Assessor. No other student can access your group wiki.
The wiki 111w be used to progressively compile the required
parts of Assignment 2 – OurProject Report aligned to the PMBoK
knowledge areas. It is required that students place material in the
wiki on a set progressive basis. That is, students will be required
to place material for example a WBS in the week following the
week that the topic is taught. For example, WBS is presented in
Topic 5 / Week 5, and therefore students have until the end of
Week 6 (Saturday at midnight NSW time) to place material and a
WBS into the wiki. If this is not in your group wiki by the
applicable Saturday at midnight NSW time, then a daily penalty
reduction of 10% of available marks for this particular marking
criteria will commence from that time.
It is noted that there are two marking criteria for some of the
PMBoK knowledge areas. It is suggested that each student take
carriage of one of these elements in the wiki to ensure both are
completed and placed in the wiki before the relevant time.
Just prior to the due date for Assignment 2, one student from
each group should download all material from the wiki and
compile these into the one single document to be uploaded via
the A2 tum-it-in portal for grading. There is no need for both
students to upload as this will result in 100% match in the
originality score.
The maximum word length for this assignment is 4,000 words
excluding words used in any charts, templates, fomis or diagrams
that the project team have used to apply the knowledge areas. If
the project team opt to use words to explain how the team have
applied a knowledge area you should limit them to one page per
knowledge area.
A soft copy ofmany useful forms will be made available to you
on MySCU that project teams can modify and use for the
assignment. However a project team can and should design your
own forms or use standard forms that are used by an organisation
and adapt these to suit your project. The soft copy is provided for
the benefit of those students who are not adept at designing forms
using a computer. Hand drawn forms can be used as well but they
must be neatly drawn.
You are also required to provide a list of references listing all the
sources you have referred to in preparing this assignment.
Format for Assignment 2
The format of the formal assignment will be:

Communication with Stakeholders

Project Closure

Reference list (Harvard referencing style is

Appendix will only include a copy of the first
assignment for your grader. All forms,
charts, tables and diagrams should be
included under the relevant sections of the
assignment. The Appendix is NOT graded.

NOTE: As this is a piece of academic work,
students are required to describe the purpose of
each section of the submission in paraphrased text,
appropriately referenced to the prescribed
textbook, the PMBoK, and/or readings on the
learning site. Failure to do so will result in a
reduction of marks for each marking criteria where
this is not performed.

As part of a University initiative to support the development of
academic integrity, assessments may be checked for plagiarism,
including through an electronic system, either internally or by a
plagiarism checking service, and be held for future checking and
matching purposes. In addition, sham referencing is considered
academic misconduct, so all references must be relevant and
discoverable. Students undertaking this unit should use the
Harvard style that includes page numbers for in-text references
(Author Surname Year, page number) – see
mp:// 1&p=2405627
Marking criteria
The following marking criteria will be used for Assignment 2:

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