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NCLEX Study Plan

When you have completed your degree requirements and the excitement of commencement has slowed down, following an individual study plan until you schedule your NCLEX-RN is crucial to your 1st attempt success.

Using the NCLEX RN Test Plan and testing information found in the 2015 NCLEX Candidate Bulletin, develop a 4-6 weeks post graduation study plan. This plan should include details related to a daily play by play of how you plan to spend your time each each/week until you receive your authorization to test (ATT) and ultimately schedule to test.

You may submit this is a narrative form, graph, calendar schedule etc. I am looking for detail and realistic goals/focus areas on your individual remediation that is needed. Go through your old practices, review your comprehensive predictor results, Kaplan results etc. and focus your review down to your most challenging areas. Make sure you take into consideration life events, work, child care etc.

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