Never Let Me Go Discussion Questions

Never Let Me Go Discussion Questions

Prepare to discuss all the prompts. But write full paragraph responses on four (1/2 page). Answers should be typed, double spaced, and proofed. This assignment is

twenty points. Be sure to bring the book (or e-text) on the discussion day. Late submissions receive 50 percent credit.

1. Why do you think Ishiguro has the book narrated by Kathy? Consider how the book might have been different if it had been narrated from another point of view (e.g.,

like Tommy’s).

2. What is the significance of Kathy addressing the reader as a future donor?

3. Kathy wants to preserve her memories of Hailsham and Ruth, at least initially, does not. Why is this?

4. Is the Hailsham experiment a mistake? Would that form of education make completion more difficult?

5. Why don’t any of the future donors attempt to escape?

6. If there is a message in this novel, is it about certain directions in biotechnological research or something else?

7. Are the characters human beings? Persons?

8. What is the significance of the novel’s ending?

9. Some readers have suggested that a theme of this novel is coming to grips with your own death. Everyone completes. What do you think?

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