nternational Currencies – will the USD remain the one

nternational Currencies – will the USD remain the one
bibliography needed
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These are the comments of the professor:
“You first need to explain what is an international currency in your analysis.For example:-Pivot currency in the forex- Payment currency in international trade/exchanges (cf commodity markets such as oil)- Main central bank reserve-Other? The first chapter should be about what makes an international currency.” cont’ed
Cont’ed: Before looking at benefits and costs (which is not supposed to be the focus of the topic), we should understand what are the determinants behind the emergence of an international currency. History could help to isolate those factors. Try to adapt your historical chapter by adopting this new focus.The presentation can then go to US/Chinese examples with these “factors” or “determinants” as references for understanding the recent reforms and market evolutions.”
I expect the revision of your writer upon these comments. Thanks

Be sure only that some comments may not have application to our essay, since some of them are referred to the whole essay of my group. But please make any revisions needed which are correspondent to my essay which is focused on US Dollar.

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