Look up IL health department. What trends do you see relating to health in the school system? How do you feel nurses are implementing this within the school systems. How do they evaluate outcomes. There is some information in the book Stanhope, M & lancaster, J 2014 Foundations of nursing in the community:community-oriented practice.4th ed St Louis. It has to be from this book because there is another one that is simliar. Chapter 31 has some info about schools but limited. Main info will come from exactly this: Illinois Department of Public Health (main page) in the search engine type school and a page will pop up the first one is School Health Program this gives some info, then on the right will be resources use the IL Association of school nurses and more info will be there. The idea is to keep searching to collect info Then use 1 or 2 examples which will talk about immunizations or diabetes or any other where you can find info. Must have the exact url within the website to get the right citation and reference. Instructor is very picky. The big question to answer is how is the example or info being evaluated and the outcome. Very important. Asthma could be used. with those resources on the right pick two and talk about them.. Not sure if a nurse writes the paper I hope so she will understand much better. This is a final paper it has to be exact info and finetoothed grammar and APA strictly used. The last 2 papers I have had done through masterpapers I received a very poor grade on and they were redone but nor to satisfaction of instructor. Please please follow instructions and all APA and grammar.

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