nursing informatics

nursing informatics
Database Plan Description Paper

Describe the healthcare topic you selected at the beginning of the semester, providing a minimum of two (2) supporting peer reviewed journal articles on the importance
and need for database development as related to this topic. Discuss the high level framework for your database development project including conceptual design, DBMS
selection, logical design, and physical design. Paper should be three (3) pages double spaced not including the title page and references. Apply APA and the Graduate
Nursing Writing Rubric when appropriate.

Relational Design Paper

Describe the relational design of your healthcare topic database.
Include the following:
Define the data to be used and how the relational model will structure that data.
Elaborate on the relationships within the database and how they will be applied.

Disaster Recovery

Building a database for obtaining accurate results is a learned concept generally through trial and error. During the last 7 weeks, concepts were presented that may
have been completely different than prior nursing courses you have taken. Using the knowledge you have gained, describe the struggles endured, how you overcame them,
and what mitigation strategies you used, including strategies that could have been used. You may use instructor comments from your projects as a starting point.
Include at least two (2) references supporting your strategies. Project should be no more than two (2) double spaced pages, not including the title and reference
pages. Apply APA and the Graduate Nursing Writing Rubric when appropriate.

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