observation grid

Collect and analyze observation data. Choose any television show except for a news-related broadcast; reality TV might work exceptionally well for this assignment. Using the premise of the show as your case, develop an observation grid. The grid should include the explicit elements of the show?characters, scenes, plot?as well as the more implicit elements?themes, images, metaphors, undercurrents of emotion, and so forth. Watch a half hour of the show?though an hour would be better?and complete the grid as detailed as possible. Then form a set of assertions based on your observation. Make sure to use exact quotes from the show to support your assertions

The completed observation grid
The set of assertions formed based on your observation
A response to the questions below:
How did you analyze your observation data to form assertions?
How would you determine whether your assertions were trustworthy?
What might be the differences between watching a TV show and observing a real-life situation? What influence did camera angles have on your observation?
What observations skills have you learned in this assignment that can be transferred to a real observation?

use an episode of Castle

Sample Observation Grid

Scene Characters Action/Plot Theme Images Metaphors Undercurrents
Opening Scene
Driving to School
In Classroom
At Locker
In Lunchroom

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