online collaboration issues

300-600 word only After reading “Gin, Television, and Cognitive Surplus” as well as completing other readings and videos, please answer the following: Think of a time when you collaborated with others online. This can be a formal example of collaboration (something related to work or school with defined groups and roles) or informal example of collaboration (e.g. something you did online for fun, or miscellaneous tasks that had to be done, which required or included some collaboration with others online). It can also be with specific groups of people you know offline, or with larger groups of loosely organized people you only encounter online. 1) Describe the nature of collaboration, how you shared information, and which medium was used. Explain the success (or lack of success) of the collaboration (whether you or others got some kind of benefit out of the collaboration). 2) Explain what the benefits of collaborating online were for you and others, and USE course materials to help you explain why these benefits arose from online collaboration. 3)Explain any problems that arose during this experience (or any that could arise in similar situations), and USE course materials to help you explain why these problems arose (or could arise) from online collaboration.

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