Online Source Analysis

Online Source Analysis

The purpose of this assignment is to develop your skills as a critical consumer of online information and to broaden your online research range. Choose one of the

artists/photographers that we have covered already in this course’s lessons to research further. Do a broad online search on this artist and narrow it down to four

good online sources that include a substantial amount of information on the artist (you will look at many more sources than you ultimately include). The sources should

be of various types, for instance you might find a museum website, a blog, a book or exhibition review, an online essay, a video, or a gallery page. Include the

websites. For each online source answer the following questions:

Push yourself to flesh out your answers and be thorough and thoughtful. To do this, I suggest formatting your answer in full paragraphs rather than bullet point or a

numbered list. Note that this is NOT graded as a discussion but as your first Source Analysis (in other words, it is worth more points than a Discussion, so more

effort is expected.)

1)   What is the main purpose of the website? (is it a commercial gallery? If so, why do commercial galleries exist? A museum? If so, what is the purpose of a museum?

A personal blog? Why is the author writing?)

2)   Who appears to have written the text? (is it a curator or other art professional? A fan? Someone else? Does who it is affect how you read and think about the

text? You can look the person up to find out more about them.)

3)   Does the source include both images and text? Of what quality are the images? (can you enlarge them? does the quality of the images affect how you understand the

information presented?)

4)   What point of view does the source convey? What are they most interested in communicating about the artist?

5)   Why is this source particularly useful or effective?

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