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Consider a current or prior role (e.g. as an employee, volunteer, or student).  Discuss your intrinsic motivators and extrinsic hygiene factors (using Herzberg’s two-factor theory).  Also indicate your overall levels of satisfaction and dissatisfaction based on the theory.

For each module, the instructor will post one Discussion question which needs to be completed via Blackboard based on a specific reading.  The purpose of the discussion question is to apply course concepts to real-world experiences.  Students will post an original thread (minimum of 500 words), 

For the Discussions, gradING is based on communication, problem solving (providing specific examples), and the quality and quantity of subsequent posts that enhance the class discussion.  

Would you please fictional some practical examples.The last homework again and there is no examples of the score is not so good.

when you finish paper let me know i will start the quiz. read some of artical in attachment, they going to helpful for quiz and paper.

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