Open a private and a small business

Topic: Open a private and a small business

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Term Project and Oral Presentation of your Project:

Each student is to write up a project using real life and real work information. You may design a project for an organization (best of all, your own firm you work for). The topic you need to write.

Your Topic: Open a private and a small business

Your project should be based on your own preference, experience, and your knowledge in the area. Consult with me of how you will conduct your research (possibly at the beginning of the third week). Your project should be practically applicable. Your project should include the following:

1. Introduction (identify problems and purpose)
2. Establish your strategies
3. Select your project
4. Plan your project in its necessary phases
5. Design your project (or product, or service)
6. Obtain permissions from agencies or government office (i.e. build a home, home builder permit, electric permit, plumbing permit, building code, etc.)
7. Budget all the phases and time durations (obtain the real $ amounts by making inquiries from your suppliers. For home renovation, each item, you will need to have some contractors, then you need to invite the contractors or suppliers to bid on the renovation items, justify why you choose a particular contractor for doing the job. In most of the government jobs, a minimum bids from 3 contractors is required)
8. Hire workers, or offer a contractor to do the work
9. Execute your plan (you may have several phases for your completion of your project
10. Post project evaluation and review

Your project should be 8 pages single spaced type written pages (2 spacing between paragraphs), including the title, your names. Computer program, user’s manual, questionnaire, graphs, and data sheets (if you conduct a survey) must be in ms excel file. The data input should be in excel file with the columns for the survey questions and the rows for each of the respondents (cases). Please refer to the sample for data input posted on blackboard. The content of your project must be in Microsoft Word format, with one inch for all margins, and 12 new time roman font, and page number in the bottom center using footer with 0.5 inch width No footnotes or endnotes are permitted. If you do feel that you need to use footnotes or endnotes, you must follow the following format:

i.e. Thomas Edison was considered one of the great scientists in the past one hundred years [1].

Then they can be put in the end of the project as endnotes

1. Smithsonian Museum achieves, Vol. 345, No. 678, 2000, pp. 333-334.

All the footnotes or endnotes should be put in the end of the project under References, Endnotes, Footnotes, and Appendix. These guidelines will be strictly followed, or a 10% deduction will apply. A 5% deduction will apply if these format guidelines are not followed.
Preference shall be given to those research projects based on their originality, creativeness, practicality, and applicability. Please refer to the evaluation form’s categories.

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