Oral questions

Choose 12 of the following and answer them in a few short sentences (5 points each). Please type out your answers and print this out. This is due by Monday 5/1.
1. Can abortion clinics have a buffer zone that prohibits protestors within 15 feet of the entrance? Why or why not?

2. Can Amish children stop going to school after 8th grade despite compulsory education laws? Why/why not?

3. Can Ivan Rodriguez sue Jose Canseco for libel for alleging in his new book that Rodriguez used steroids? Why/why not?

4. Can the police search your car if they have probable cause? Why/why not?

5. Can state tax funds be used to purchase math textbooks for a Catholic school? Why/why not?

6. Is California’s statutory rape law that applies to men and not women, constitutional? If so, why can they make that distinction?

7. How can one argue the 14th amendment protects the right to same sex marriage?

8. Is there a constitutional right to privacy?

9. Why does the issue of free press come into conflict with a fair trial particularly when covering a grand jury proceeding?

10. Why is a constitutional amendment the only way to make burning a flag in protest illegal?

11. If President Trump negotiated a treaty with China. Does any other branch of the federal government have any say in this treaty with China? Explain.

12. Now that Neil Gorsuch has been nominated to the Supreme Court, what is the next step in the process for him to become a justice? Why?

13. How can it be argued that the federal No Child Left Behind legislation is an example of the advantages of the grant system?

14. Can the federal government establish a national drinking age? Why/why not?

15. Describe how adding an amendment to the Constitution is a check on the judicial branch.

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