Organisational research methods


For this coursework you will undertake a small-scale case study where you gather and analyse three kinds of qualitative data. The aims of this exercise are to assess your abilities to:

  1. undertake a qualitative study using three different techniques;
  2. develop a preliminary analysis of your data;
  3. discuss the methodological issues that arise in selecting particular research methods and

    in undertaking qualitative research.

To successfully accomplish the coursework you will:

  • identify a setting in which to undertake your research;
  • undertake fieldwork;
  • undertake one or two semi-structured interviews;
  • and either gather audio or audio visual recordings of naturally occurring activities, or

    documents and images relevant to the setting or activities in question.

    As part of undertaking your case study you will:

  • make detailed field notes;
  • document and where necessary transcribe materials from your interview(s) or transcriptions from the data you collect;
  • identify and discuss one or two themes or issues that arise from your data;
  • support your discussion of these themes or issues with regard to the data you have


  • discuss the methodological issues that informed and arose from your study;
  • discuss the implications of your findings for future research.
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