Organizational Communication Analysis

Organizational Communication Analysis Part V – Reflection and Evaluation Paper Kelsey Elementary Schools Merger/reorganization with another school district Write a1,750- to 2,100-word reflection and evaluation of Parts I through IV of your organizational communication analysis. Answer the following questions: What is the value
of reflecting on and evaluating a communication process after a crisis or challenging event? What could you have done differently with your organizational scenario
that might have helped you formulate a better, more ethical analysis or resolution? What research methods should you use to collect data to evaluate the effectiveness
of your organizational communication analysis? To prevent future communication crises in your Virtual Organization, what tools could you use to continually assess the
people, the tasks, and the systems? What communication theories did you consider in your analysis? Evaluate how well you applied them. From this course, which
communication theories, ethical principles, research techniques, studies, or methods might you emulate in your professional life? Explain. How did your communication
analysis synthesize what you have learned in your BS/COM program? Provide specific examples. Include at least six academic references. Format your paper consistent
with APA guidelines.

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